AVENUE is 7Park Data’s proprietary insights platform.

Welcome to AVENUE

AVENUE is the engine that drives our in-depth analysis and unique insights. With AVENUE we source, ingest and authenticate data from a diverse portfolio of real-time consumer and business behavior. We then sift through mounds of data to extract the information that is most valuable for our analysts—and most relevant for our clients—and deliver our insights directly to you.

AVENUE Offers Data You Can Trust

AVENUE allows us to gain access to quality data from trusted sources, covering a range of behaviors such as mobile and internet usage, viewing and purchase behavior. Leveraging cutting edge technology and sophisticated algorithms, AVENUE validates, scrubs and contextualizes that data for clients to access via a single platform.

AVENUE Delivers Data to You Directly

Within any organization, both technical and non-technical business decision makers need data and insights. The AVENUE engine directly delivers via a platform that is seamless, engaging and accessible to all. Our API allows you to integrate data and insights into custom applications while reports give in-depth insights on particular industries, companies and demographics.

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