Commercial Real Estate

Transforming CRE Market Evaluation Using Alternative Data

Create more accurate valuations to drive ROI with insights into supply and demand in local markets synthesizing disparate data sources, including rent, payroll, job postings and more. Greater frequency and granularity than legacy research means better outcomes for your teams.

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Benefits for CRE Investors, Developers & Managers

Transforming CRE Property and Market Evaluation

7Park Data CRE serves the largest global commercial real estate market participants including sovereign wealth & pension funds, asset managers, brokerages, developers, private equity & hedge funds with more accurate, granular, timely data about local and macro market activity.

  • Visualize, Chart, & Report

    Analyze new data, cross sections of your data, and automate reporting

  • Find New Insights

    Reveal key insights through a unique combination of inputs including income data, foot traffic, firmographics, and satellite imagery

  • Predict Key KPIs

    Create an advantage with models to predict KPIs like Rental Rate, Absorption, and Transaction Price

  • Optimize Your Portfolio

    Extensive experience ingesting, cleansing and enriching unstructured natural language and transaction data

Discover 7Park Data CRE Products

Real Market Insights

Understand the highest value neighborhoods, which business are growing and why with our proprietary collection of data sources including listings, rents, permits, payroll and more.

Real Market Predictions

Improve model accuracy and invest with confidence leveraging accurate forecasts for KPIs including rental rates, occupancy and NOI built with recent, detailed regional and macro coverage.