Commercial Real Estate

Transforming CRE Market Evaluation Using Alternative Data

New data provides an opportunity to create an asymmetric information advantage for CRE investors, developers, brokers, and service providers.

Datasets including anonymized payroll and job postings can provide better insights into supply and demand in local markets with a much shorter lag than traditional datasets, informing more accurate forecasts.

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Benefits for CRE Investors, Developers & Managers

Transforming CRE Property and Market Evaluation

7Park Data CRE serves the largest commercial real estate market participants, Sovereign Wealth & Pension Funds, Asset Managers, Brokers, Developers, Private Equity & Hedge Funds.

  • Decision Ready Data

    Use our mapping platform to visualize highly accurate and timely datasets for your investment process

  • Find New Insights

    Capitalize on a unique combination of insights including income & payroll data, firmographics and labor data, permitting and construction data and more

  • Accurate Predictions

    Create an advantage with models to predict Rental Rate, Absorption, Transaction Price, and Loan Default Risk

  • Power Your Data Edge

    More granular and timely compared to legacy information resources

For Research & Analytics

Inform both macro strategy and property-specific models with a greater degree of accuracy

Create an investment thesis across new markets and verticals

For Acquisitions

Provide deeper insight into your due diligence process to drive better returns

Leverage alternative data to enable proprietary sourcing

For CMBS & Lenders

Invest in CMBS with confidence by evaluating loan viability and risk with data not available anywhere else

Predict which loans pose the greatest risk with high degree of accuracy

Data for Every Workflow

Excel Reports

Curated, indexed data and forecast models delivered straight to your inbox, or downloadable via our online Catalog


Interactive platform to track LPI forecasts & growth rates and compare metrics across datasets and companies

Bulk Datafeed

Ingest granular data in raw and indexed series for your own proprietary analysis