Transforming Market Evaluation Using Alternative Data

Find the Right Location for Your Next Investment

Assess assets faster using our data mapping platform to visualize short-term and historical market conditions while strategizing long-term performance

Capture new insights about labor demand, consumer spending power and rental trends to improve your valuation processes

Integrate more granular and timely data into your modeling workflows

Achieve better outcomes with improved forecasts for Rental Rate, Absorption, Transaction Price, and Loan Default Risk

Accelerate research and deal evaluation processes with predictive analytics like market similarity score and last-mile location score available through dynamic dashboards

Improve market scoring, site selection, and deal screening to identify the optimal location for new investment and support live deal due diligence and negotiation.

Uncover the potential of any neighborhood in the U.S. with insights into labor demand and workforce characteristics, consumer income and offline and online spending, rental rates and permit activity by census block, zip-code, and MSA

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