Information Technology

Discover Emerging Market Insights Based on Real Spending Data

Ground strategic decisions like where to focus budgets and resources with unique data that tracks actual spend and usage of IT and cloud products. IT vendors and service providers who have been relying on survey-based macro trend forecasting can now get a granular, insider view into the opaque IT market to give them the competitive edge.

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  • Increase confidence of strategic decisions by complementing traditional survey-based forecasts with actual end-user spend data

  • Gain unique insights into emerging technology markets with data unavailable anywhere else

  • Product-level data updated as often as you need it: weekly, monthly and quarterly

For Marketing & Sales

Inform sales motion and go-to-market strategies by using market intelligence to create ideal customers profiles, determine sales territories and deliver targeted content

For Product Development

Track usage and adoption of emerging technologies and cloud computing services to inform product roadmaps

For Strategy & Planning

Understand and assess IT markets to determine potential opportunities and resource investment