Deep data understanding via cognitive solutions

Derive the most value from your data with technology designed to make your workflow more efficient and effective. Our Services can be licensed as discrete packages, or used in tandem as part of a large-scale data solution.


Entity Extraction Service

Unstructured to structured data

Parse and tag raw, unstructured data to add value to your analytical strategies, and save time trying to make sense of messy files.

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Named Entity Recognition (NER) are incorporated into proprietary software to disambiguate records and identify entities, places and products.

Your team uses our simple UI to review the clean output, check for accuracy and export a structured data file ready for analysis.

Panel Selection Service

Remove bias

Build the most representative indexes for specific companies, sectors, or entire datasets, to analyze performance without interference from bias and other causes of misleading data.

Panels are built dynamically, based on data-specific criteria including volume and frequency, using data science tools like R2 analysis to evaluate accuracy and predictive power.

Entity Linking Service

Connect Multiple Datasets

Expand the scope of your analytics capabilities by building supersets of data, organized to support highly granular analysis.

Our Entity Linking Service joins alternative and fundamental datasets with Named Entity Linking (NEL) software to connect related entities, then organize by corporate hierarchy and map to ticker.

Modeling As A Service

Predict outcomes

Improve your models with highly accurate forecasts.

Machine learning, uni- and multi-variate regression models and clustering techniques are used to create predictive algorithms that are responsive to seasonality, incomplete data, and changing reporting calculations.