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Transform data, inform decisions

The 7Park Data platform leverages leading-edge technology and data science to transform large volumes of unstructured information into contextualized data and insights. Our platform infrastructure is designed to maximize data breadth and depth, while multiple delivery channels ensure seamless, always-on access. The platform provides decision makers with the intelligence they need, at the speed and scale of business today.

Platform Comp5

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By the numbers

Assemble a massive and diverse portfolio of alternative data

  • Ingest multiple types of passively collected raw, real-time, event-level data in a variety of formats
  • Ensure data is acquired from permission-based sources, and stripped of all PII

Validate, Transform & Contextualize

  • Systematically detect data inconsistencies to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Create dynamic views to normalize and adjust for inherent data bias and panel fluctuations
  • Parse unstructured files for improved sorting and search
  • Organize data by companies, tickers and sectors, add time- and geo-based aggregations

Apply Data Science & Machine Learning Models

  • Create multivariate models for proprietary and open data
  • Verify correlation to historical published data with backtests
  • Leverage algorithms to ensure consistency and provide dynamic forecasts
  • Use open-source libraries for sophisticated visualization

Power Customer Decisions with Data, Tools and Insights

  • Provide data and insights via multiple channels: API, secure download (S3 and SFTP) and Excel
  • Confer with domain experts for unique commentary and context
  • Empower developers, quants and data scientists with detailed information about APIs, methodologies and open-source packages on the Avenue I/O resource center

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