Streaming Intelligence

Data and insights on the modern, digital TV audience


Traditional TV rankings rely on surveys of small samples and don’t incorporate new viewing platforms. With 7Park Data’s Streaming Intelligence, content creators, strategists, and producers gain insight into in-home TV and web-based streaming habits. This gives a comprehensive view of how viewers across the world consume content in a new era of viewing technology.

Analyze Market Share

With data on viewing habits across linear TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other SVOD, Streaming Intelligence gives a comprehensive view into the strength of different players in the market. For any given addressable market — individual shows, platforms and devices, or studios – understand market dynamics with highly granular data.

Precise Content Viewership Trends

SVOD is altering viewership patterns by releasing an entire season of original content at once. New viewing trends, such as launch decay and binge watching, as well as network-developed original content make traditional TV rankings obsolete. Streaming Intelligence allows you to understand unique nuances of online viewing by narrowing your focus on a specific episode, season, series, or geography.

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