Automated Data Transformation at Scale

We use our AI-powered data preparation platform to classify, enrich, clean and organize raw, unstructured data from a variety of sources to build best-in-class data products for investors, analysts and brands.


Unlock value from raw data by first identifying and organizing each input

Leverage classification algorithms to ensure proper data rights and collection procedures exclude or anonymize any sensitive information. As part of our data audit, we also categorize data into appropriate fields for further analysis.


Maximize potential applications with enhanced, expanded datasets

Enhance the value of a dataset with language and linking models that add contextual information and metadata, enabling you to ask entirely new questions of the data.


Accelerate data ingest and time to value with ready-to-load datasets

Lay the foundation for accurate analytics with cleansed data, developing canonical names to account for inconsistent entries, and applying further clustering algorithms to identify relevant metadata.


Increase accuracy and predictive power by reducing panel bias

Identify and remove noise and bias to construct panels that accurately reflect organic growth, monitored by ongoing data quality testing to differentiate signals from data issues, and maintain product accuracy over time.

Protect & Deliver

Create a seamless, secure experience for 7Park Data’s customers

Safely and reliably distribute products via bulk feed access, dashboards, email and online download so customers get the data they need to make better business decisions.

Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data managed by our technology platform is just one pillar of 7Park Data’s information security program. To understand more about how 7Park Data keeps our partner and customer data safe, please visit the Data Security page.

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